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DELTA Pro Remote Control

DELTA Pro Remote Control

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The first of its kind: The first remote control for a portable power station, designed for DELTA Pro. Ideal for storing your DELTA Pro in the garage, storage bay, or below deck. Connect over Bluetooth or an ethernet cable and get a second screen right where you need it.

  • Monitor your energy: the display shows how much energy you're using, the remaining battery time, and everything else delta pro's screen shows
  • 2-ways to connect: move the screen around when connected with bluetooth, set it and forget it with a wired connection that works over longer distances
  • Control at a distance: once set up, you can monitor and control your portable power station from afar, ideal when your delta pro is set up with solar panels, or at a charger
  • Also a convenient place to turn on/off the AC outlets, DC outlets, or entire unit
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