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Off Grid Power Kit | 15KWH | Independence Kit

Off Grid Power Kit | 15KWH | Independence Kit

SKU: ZMM100BP15-Combo3-US
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See Off Grid Power Kits Info page for full details

EcoFlow Power Kits exist to make off-grid power generation, storage, and use more accessible and affordable than ever. Eco Flow upgraded solar kits to a 2022 standard of electrical systems: 48V. 

Power Kits offer you a safe, 48V power solution for your off-grid home. A 48V system produces the same amount of power, but unlike 12Vs, only a quarter of the electric current passes through thinner wires, producing significantly less heat and power loss. All while having smart monitoring and controls at your fingertips. 

Unlike other off-grid power solutions, Power Kits combine five components into one Power Hub that deals with all your power needs, saving you space, money, and set-up hassle. Our 2 and 5kWh batteries securely stack in threes, giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh.  Add Smart Home Panel and expand beyond 15KWh!

• 4 Charging methods include up to 4800W solar, 1000W alternator, 3000W shore power, and 1800W Smart Generator input.
• Plug-and-play for simple assembly
• Compact, integrated design, all-in-one inverter hub
• Save space with stackable batteries
• 48V system, a safer, smaller power solution
• Real-time and remote smart controls
  • LFP Batteries



    Off Grid Power Kit | 15KWH | Independance Kit

  • What's in the Box

    Independence Kit : What's Included: (see photos)

    (1) Power Hub and Cable Pack

    (1) Distrbution Panel

    (1) Monitor

    (3) 5KWH LFP battery pack

    (3) Battery Mounting Strap

    (3) LFP Battery Power Cable

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