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Power for any situation.
Uninterrupted home backup power.
Off-grid solar.


Reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your energy bills.
NEW  Delta Pro Ultra is here. 7,200watts Order now

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We ship for free to Hawaii and the 48 contiguous US.

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Delta Pro

Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, smart energy management, lower energy bills, and more. It's the next leap in portable power technology.

Link Two DELTA Pro Units

Chain two units together and your DELTA Pro’s will output a whopping 7200W, enough for even the most heavy-duty appliances.

Click on each link to find out more:

Plug-and-Play power solutions.

Power Kits are the world's first

integrated, plug-and-play power solutions.

- 48V System
- Space-Saving
- Simple Assembly
- 4 Charging Methods
- Smart Controls

Delta 2 Max

Power Through Extended Blackouts

Ultra-Fast Home Backup Switchover Speed

LFP Battery: 3000 cycles, 6× more than the industry average. Use every day for 10 years

Large Expandable Capacity from 2048Wh to 6144Wh

Plug and play home backup power

Fume-free, Quiet, Zero Maintenance

World's Fastest Recharging Methods

Power up to 99% of Appliances

Multiple Levels of Protection for Safety and Reliability

5-Year Warranty

Most POWERFUL and compact portable AC

World's most powerful cooling & heating

Designed to be small & compact

No installation, No drainage

Using R290: a natural refrigerant-No ozone emissions

11.69 inches W x 13.23 H (without battery)

*extra battery sold separately

construction power
Delta Pro on the Jobsite
home back up power
EV charger
back up power Hawaii solar
Home medical equipment power
Medical Back Up Power

EF Power Kits are an incredible value.  We are 1/3 the cost of what your average solar installer is charging.  Call us today for a quote for you specific power needs!


Off grid power kit - affordable
solar generator off grid affordable Hawaii
save on electricity bills
solar generator off grid back up power hawaii
portable air conditioner affordable solar Hawaii

Designed for complete portability, GLACIER is battery-powered and cable-free allowing you to take it with you in your car, truck, RV, boat, or on a camping or fishing trip.

40 hours: explore further. With a large battery capacity of 298Wh, you can enjoy fresh food and cold drinks for up to 40 hours.

boats cabin solar fridge refrigerator camping Hawaii

*extra battery sold separately

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